• Tall ships docked at Fort Trumbull during OpSail 2012.

  • The Coast Guard Barque Eagle docked at its home port in New London.

  • The Thames Base Ball Club of New London plays vintage ball at Fort Trumbull.

  • Crowds enjoy the surf and Summer sun at Ocean Beach Park.

  • Art lovers enjoy work at the annual Salon des Independants at Hygienic Galleries.

  • A fish-eye's view of the majestically renovated Garde Arts Theater.

  • A community parade passes City Hall on State Street.

  • A bustling Waterfront Park during SailFest.

  • A lone tug passes Harbor Light on a foggy day on the Thames River.

  • The Reducers rock the boardwalk at Ocean Beach.


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Relief Programs

This is a brief guide to the various assessment exemptions and benefits currently available to qualified taxpayers. The following definitions will be helpful to you as you read the information enclosed.

An exemption is an amount that an individual’s assessment can be reduced.

A benefit is a direct tax reduction.

Filing Status is the frequency in which a taxpayer needs to reapply for their exemption and/or benefit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many of the exemptions and benefit programs described have 
maximum income guidelines that are determined by State regulations and are subject to change each year. Please be sure you are reading the most current guide available by checking the date.

If after reviewing the following information, you have questions or think you may 
qualify for one or more of the programs listed, please contact the Assessor’s Office.

Elderly/Disabled Homeowners (“Circuit-Breaker”)

Veteran’s Exemption Program

Disability Exemption Program

Blind Exemption Program

Elderly/Disabled Homeowners ("Circuit-Breaker")

Any taxpayer, who is 65 years old, owns and occupies a home in the City Of New London, and meets certain income guidelines, may be eligible for elderly tax relief benefits under the Circuit Breaker program. Depending upon their income, qualified applicants receive direct credits off their tax bills that range from 10% to 50%. For purposes of this program, income is defined as adjusted gross per IRS plus Social Security. The maximum income guidelines for this year are as follows:

Single: $38,100

Married: $46,400

To qualify, an application must be filed with the Assessor between February 1 and May 15.  You may call our office at (860) 447-5216 to make an appointment to apply in person.

Veterans Exemptions

A Veteran is described as a person who has served or is currently serving in the armed forces. To be eligible for the $1,500 Regular exemption, a Veteran or active-duty service person must have served during an active period of war, received an honorable discharge, and have his/her discharge form (DD214) on file with the City Clerk prior to October 1. ***Active-duty & CT National Guard reservists serving under Title 32 of The US Code, performing homeland security duty, must file their orders or a written statement signed by their commanding officer with the City Clerk's office prior to October 1.

Filing Status: None

The recognized periods of war are as follows:


Beginning Date

Ending Date

World War I

April 6, 1917

November 11,1918

Russian Service

April 6, 1917

April 20, 1920

World War II

December 7, 1941

December 31, 1947

Korean Conflict

June 27, 1950

January 31, 1955


February 28, 1961

July 1, 1975


July 1, 1958

November 1, 1958

September 29,1982

March 30, 1984


October 25, 1983

December 15, 1983

Earnest Will

February 1, 1987

July 23, 1987


December 20, 1989

January 31, 1990

Persian Gulf

August 2, 1990


Disabled Veterans Exemption

A Veteran who is entitled to a disability pension as determined by the Veterans Administration, whether he/she has served during an active period of war or not, is eligible for a Disabled Veterans Exemption. The exemption is based on the percentage of disability as determined by the Veterans Administration.

Filing Status: Annual* A statement from the Veterans Administration indicating the percentage of disability rating must be placed on file with the Assessor’s office annually.

Additional State Veterans Exemption – No Income Requirement

Any Veteran or Disabled Veteran who is eligible for the regular Veteran or Disabled Veteran exemption previously described, and that is NOT eligible for the income based Additional State Veterans exemption per income requirements, is eligible for an additional exemption equivalent to ½ the amount of the original exemption. Filing Status: NONE – No Income Requirement

Additional State Veterans Exemption – Income Requirements

Any Veteran or Disabled Veteran who is eligible for the regular Veteran or Disabled Veteran exemption previously mentioned, and who adjusted gross income meets certain guidelines, may be eligible for an additional exemption equivalent to twice the amount of the regular exemption. For this year, the income requirements are as follows:

Single Veteran: $37,000

Married Veteran: (Combined incomes) $45,100

To qualify, an application must be filed with the Assessor prior to October 1.

To download an additional veterans application form please click here. 

Filing Status: Every two years

Local Option Veterans Exemption – Income Requirements

To download a Local Option Veterans application form please click here. Any Veteran or Disabled Veteran who is eligible for the previously mentioned exemption and who meets the yearly income requirements may be eligible for a local option exemption of $1,000. Filing Status: Annually

In-Service Exemption Motor Vehicle – CT Resident

Filing Status: Annually

Any member of the armed forces who is currently active duty may be eligible to have 
one passenger motor vehicle exempt from property tax. To qualify, the individual must submit an ANNUAL letter from his/her commanding officer stating that the individual is on active duty and has the vehicle garaged with him/her. Forms are available at the Assessor’s Office or here.

In-Service Exemption – Not a CT Resident

Filing Status: Annually

Any currently active duty armed forces member who has a home of record other than Connecticut and is stationed in this state may qualify for an exemption on all motor vehicles registered under his/her name. To qualify the service-person must submit a completed Federal Soldiers & Sailors’ Affidavit form to the Assessor’s office. Forms are available at the Assessor’s Office or here.

Disability Exemption

An individual, who receives a disability pension from the Social Security administration and has been designated as being disabled by the SSA, is eligible for a $1,000 exemption. To qualify, an individual must present proof from the SSA as to the extent of the disability prior to October 1.Filing Status: ONCE

To download a disability exemption application form please click here.

Local Option Exemption on Motor Vehicles for the Disabled

Any taxpayer who owns a vehicle which has been equipped after its original manufacture

for the purpose of adapting its use to the disability of its owner may apply for a property tax exemption under the provisions of CGS 12-81c as amended by Public Act 98-125.

Applicant must complete an application and provide proof of the vehicle’s modification;

invoice or bill of sale of adaptation) .

Filing Status: None – A one time application by January 31 st is required unless a new vehicle is purchased and adapted for such handicap.

Blind Exemption

Any individual, who presents verification from a physician that he/she is considered to be legally blind, may be eligible for a $3,000 exemption. This verification must be presented to the Assessor prior to October 1.Filing Status: ONCE