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Human Services

The Human Services Division of the Mayor's office oversees the non-profit human services delivery system to safeguard and improve the general wellbeing of City residents.


Responsibilities include; 
  • Manage and coordinate activities to ensure effective quality processes, program development goals and outcomes, and system coherence and direction.
  • Lead, in partnership with Ledge Light Health District, Alliance for Living and community partners, opioid use disorder initiatives.
  • Co-Chair the New London Human Services Network.
  • Implement initiatives to provide opportunities for well being for all New London residents.
  • Implement initiatives to reduce transports to the emergency room.
  • Inform key partners and stakeholders of the impact of housing, development and public policy.


Support for Substance Use Disorders
  • NLC CARES: New London County CARES stands for Coordinated Access, Resources, Engagement and Support. Provides overdose and family support.  Call the navigator line at (860) 333-3494. . 
  • Sound Community Services: provides support and services for individuals with behavioral health and substance use disorders.
  • The Root; provides methadone treatment and intensive outpatient program.
  • SCADD- The Southeastern Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (SCADD) is an organization dedicated to helping people and their families overcome alcohol and substance use disorders.
  • Community Health Center- CHC works with Alliance for Living to provide medications for substance use disorder as well as primary and HIV care.