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False Alarm Reduction Initiative

Registration is done online only. Be sure to provide your alarm company with your permit number.

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False Alarms

Law enforcement officers respond to thousands of false alarm calls annually.  These unnecessary responses result in an enormous burden in personnel resources and monetary expenses which, in turn, reduce the time available to respond to real emergences or proactively patrol the community.  It is the goal of the New London Police Dept. False Alarm Reduction Initiative to reduce the number of false alarms and bring alarm users into compliance with industry best practices for alarm maintenance.  In 2017 the NLPD responded to 1923 alarm calls in the city; 99.3% of those calls were false alarms. 

This response equates to roughly $33,407 per year spent on responding to false alarm calls. 



How it Works...
  • The City has contracted with Public Safety Corporation to assist with  managing the False Alarm Reduction Initiative.  A website has been created (crywolfservices/newlondonct) where all alarm users will register their alarm and complete a simple online form.  Registration is free and the alarm user will be given a permit number to keep on file.  The permit must be renewed annually and on-time renewal is also free.  
  • When there is an alarm activation, the alarm company will be required to call two contact numbers for the alarm user.  If no one can be reached or the alarm is suspicious the alarm company will call NLPD Dispatch and relay the alarm permit number to the dispatcher.  This will tell the dispatcher if the alarm is registered or not.  Officers will respond regardless if an alarm is registered or not but unregistered alarm responses will elicit an additional fine.  
  • Officers on scene will determine whether the alarm activation was legitimate or not and the information will be recorded in Dispatch, which will then be sent to Central Square who will conduct the notifications and billing.  
  • Each alarm system will be allowed 2 free false activations per calendar year.  The NLPD will begin levying fines after the 2nd false alarm in a calendar year. 
  • Exceptions are made for weather events, power outages and when police are cancelled before arriving at the alarm location.  There is also an appeals process if an alarm user believes that a fine was levied in error. 



Fee Schedule:

Permitting Fees

Permit Renewal Late Fee                    $25.00

False Alarm Fees

1st alarm                                              No Charge

2nd alarm                                            No Charge

3rd alarm                                             $100.00

4th alarm                                             $150.00

5th alarm                                             $200.00

Subsequent alarms                              $250.00 per activation

Unregistered Alarm Fees

Unregistered Alarm Activation Fee    $100.00

(Plus the applicable false alarm fee)

Billing Fees

Late fee for payment after 30 days    $25.00

Miscellaneous Provisions

All other provisions of this section     $50.00



Call: 833-281-8739

NLPD Alarm Administrator: 860-440-6673

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